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Adolescent Program

(12 Years – 14 Years)

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”

-Maria Montessori

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Program Days Times
7-8th Grade  Monday – Friday  8:15AM – 2:45AM


The Adolescent program is delivered through and Erdkinder model where the students will experience the curriculum through an integrated approach that remains true to Montessori’s basic tenets. As the adolescents actively prepare to enter the world they will develop the necessary independence and social skills to work cooperatively in a community and do authentically purposeful work.



If paying in one installment:

Program Total Tuition
7-8th Grade 5-Days $9,596.00
* Receive 2% discount if choosing single installment plan.

If paying in 2 installments:

Program Due July 1 Due December 1
7-8th Grade 5-Days $5,299.15 $4,523.00

First installment includes tuition protection, supply, tech and activity fee.

If paying in 11 installments:

Program Due July 1 Next 10 Payments
7-8th Grade 5-Days $1,598.51 $822.36

First installment includes tuition protection, supply, tech and activity fee.
Please stop by the office and set up a recurring monthly transaction.

Enrollment and Payments

In consideration of the acceptance of this reservation into the May River Montessori School, I hereby agree to pay the required $300.00 deposit per family, (Enrollment/Activity Fee), which is non-refundable, unless the Program is cancelled. I agree to pay the required fees in the amounts and according to the published schedule. I understand that I am obligated to pay the Fees and Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year. For the purpose of this contract, the school year is defined as the school-billing year, which begins July 1, 2021 and ends May 1, 2022. Tuition can be paid in full, by semester, or monthly (if paying monthly, your first payment begins July 1). Tuition is due the first of each month. A $25.00 late fee will be added to your account after the 15th of each month. Withdrawal for refund of tuition obligation must occur before July 1.

No portion of any Tuition paid or charged will be refunded or waived in case of subsequent absence or withdrawal of above student, except as specifically provided for below, the only exceptions to this general rule are stated below:

In view of this obligation, I understand that the Tuition Refund Plan is being made available to me to protect my yearly financial obligation under the terms of the Enrollment Contract. This program insures fees (prepaid and due) in the event of separation according to the terms of the policy.

Should legal action be necessary to collect monies owed to the May River Montessori School by me, I agree to pay all costs incurred.

Location and Contact Info

May River Montessori

60 Calhoun Street, Bluffton SC, 29910

Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 2557, Bluffton SC, 29910

T 843-757-2312

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