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MRM Teachers’ Fund

The May River Montessori Teachers’ Fund was created to benefit the Teachers/Staff. 
Our goal is to raise $20,000 as quickly as possible.  We respectfully request your donation to benefit our Teachers/Staff.

Pledged Donations

($13,850 / $20,000)




By Check:
At the advice of our CPA, checks should be made payable to MRM Parents Association with a memo of Teachers’ Fund, and can be dropped off at the school, or mailed to:

May River Montessori
P.O. Box 2557
Bluffton, SC 29910

All contributions are going into the PA bank account overseen by Palmetto State Bank and managed by long-time MRM Parents, Bill and Sarah Middleton.  
Full accounting of all monies in and out of the account will be made available at regularly scheduled Board meetings and/or upon the completion of the fundraiser, whichever comes first.
For questions about the fund, please contact Bill and Sarah Middleton at TeachersFund@MayRiverMontessori.com
Bill, Sarah, William, Grey, and Jack Middleton
Bill, Sarah, William, Grey, and Jack Middleton
After consultation with our CPA, unfortunately, this contribution is NOT tax-deductible per IRS Sections 170(a) and (c) of the Code allow a tax deduction for contributions made “to or for the use of” qualified Section 501(c)(3) organizations. In contrast, contributions to specific individuals, no matter how deserving, are treated as private gifts and do not qualify as deductible contributions.